How to Monetize a Blog's Exit Traffic How to Monetize a Blog's Exit Traffic

How to Monetize a Blog's Exit Traffic

Many blogging platforms like and Blogger allow bloggers to monetize a blog.

Most bloggers will use contextual advertisements that are offered as part of Google's AdSense program. AdSense analyzes the blog's content and places related ads on the blog's pages; bloggers earn money when a website visitor clicks on the Google ads.

Other blog owners will use banner ads as a method to monetize a blog, and others still will display advertisements that are associated with an affiliate marketing program.

But there's another very effective blog monetization method that many bloggers and website creators do not know about. This fourth method to monetize a blog targets exit traffic. One site that offers this blog monetization tool is

How Does Monetize a Blog by Targeting Exit Traffic?

This method of monetizing a blog banks on the fact that many visitors to a blog will hit the "back" button in their brower to return to the Google search result page (or a search result page from another popular search engine.)

This revenue earning opportunity works like this:

  1. A person performs a search on Google or another search engine.
  2. The person clicks on a link to the blog on the Google search results page.
  3. The person visits the blog.
  4. When the visitor is ready to leave the blog's pages, many will hit the browser's "back" button to return to the page of Google search results.
  5. As the blog visitor hits the "back" button to leave the page, this triggers a page of advertisements that are related to the search term that was originally entered into the search engine.
  6. The blog visitor has an opportunity to click on one of the advertisements; if this occurs, the blogger (or website owner) will earn revenue from the ad click.
  7. If the blog visitor is not interested in any of the ads, they need only to click "back" again, returning them to the original page of Google search results.

Targeting exit traffic in this way is fairly non-intrusive and bloggers earn revenue based on a certainty - the the blog visitor will eventually leave the website.

How to Use to Monetize a Blog's Exit Traffic offers a revenue earning program based on ads that target exit traffic from a blog or website.

Bloggers and website owners can begin the process by registering as a publisher by providing basic personal information and information on the blog or website.

Once the registration process is complete, will review the publisher's application. If the publisher's application is approved and the website or blog is deemed eligible to participate in the revenue earning program, the publisher's account will be activated.

Once the publisher's account is activated, bloggers can log in to obtain the linking code that's necessary to activate the ads that will appear to blog visitors as they exit the site. The linking code must be placed in the blog's header and in the header of the template for all of the blog's pages.

In addition, bloggers can also earn money from referrals to Bloggers who are approved as publishers will be provided with a referral code, along with HTML code for an array of banner ads that can be placed on the blog. Anytime a blogger refers new publishers who utilize this blog monetization tool, the referring blogger will receive ten percent of the new publisher's revenue for as long as they hold the account.

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