Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Inggris Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Inggris


Elis is the of the wall magazine in our school in every two once a week. She takes a script from every class. When she takes fro m eight grades there is a caricature script about Mr. Trisno the teacher of “carate”. In the last listen going home from they school, Bella, Elis, Cipin, Cupin, are a walking together suddenly.
Mr. Trisno : “Hr… Who is drawing like this!”
Bella : (Vacant) “What happen with Mr. Trisno?”
Mr. Trisno : “Who … Who is drawing!!” (With expression very angry)
Bella : (with whisper to Elis) Eh… actually the maker of the caricature is me.”
Elis : “He… Don’t make kidding with this teacher.”
Bella : “Who’s the wrong, he always insult me.”
Elis : “Don’t like that he is your teacher you may not do like it.”
Bella : “I don’t care about it. Importelly I can revenge his insult.”
Elis : “But, you have to carefully! If he angry he seems like a monkey.”
Bella : “I know. I know me afraid too but I have to clone it to make enjoy my feeling.”
Elis : “Yeah know you make enjoy but in the future you file a being problem.”
Bella : “By the way there is way but in every problem.”
Elis : “OK!! We can her it.”
Tomorrow morning. They she a floor magazine is broken.
Cipin : “(with run to Elis and Bella) “Is dangerous.”
Elis : (front wonder) “What happened?”
Cipin : “Magazine. Wall magazine!”
Bella : “Wall of magazine is broken.”
Elis : “It is sure.”
Cipin : “Yes. Now, is broken all.”
Bella : “Who did all?”
Cipin : “God willing Mr. Trisno!”
Elis : “Oh my god Mr. Trisno (with face sad)
Bella : “So, now is my mistake (with wajah alas)
Tet …………….. Tet …………... tet ………….
Elis : “Bel, when we asking apologize to Mr. trisno.”
Bella : “Mm… I don’t know. How ??”
Elis : “OK. Tomorrow at break we asking apologize to Mr. Trisno.”
Bella : “I afraid my friend (with afraid expresion)
Elis : “Never mind. There is me.”
Bella : “You are is my friend ship” (with smile)
Elis : “Thank you.”
Bella : “You are welcome (with happy)
Cipin : “He… comes on go home.”
Elis and Bella: “Come on (with take a walk together)
Mail : “Cupin, good morning” (with take walk toward Cupin)
Cupin : “Good morning.”
Mail : “How are you my best friend?”
Cupin : “I am fine thanks you and you??”
Mail : “I am very wall thank you.”
Cupin : “What are you doing now?”
Mail : “I am studying, because tomorrow there is examination.”
Cupin : “Ohh … What examination?”
Mail : “Mathematics.”
Cupin : “Mathematics is very difficult.”
Mail : “Oh.. Yes.”
Elis dan Bella: “come on.”
Elis : “Mail, Cupin! What are you doing?’’
Mail : “Oh … I’m studying now.”
Bella : “What study?”
Mail : “Mathematics.”
Elis : “Is there is examination.”
Mail : “Yes, later.”
Bella : “Elis, Cupin, Mail come on goes to Canteen.”
E, C, M : “Come on.”
In the break Elis, Cipin, Cupin, Mail accompany Bella to asking apologize to Mr. Trisno in the office.
Friends : “Assalamualaikum.”
Mr. Trisno : “Waalaikum salam. Please sit down. What happened?”
Bella : “Mister, I asking apologize Mr.”
Mr. Trisno : “Why you asking apologize with me?”
Bella : “Cause yesterday the makes of the caricature is me.”
Mr. Trisno : “Oh.. Bella. Why you did that?”
Bella : “Because I help you and you always insult me.”
Bella : “Yes, Mr. I am very-very sorry.”
Elis : “Please giving gize to Bella, Mr.” (with hmmm)
Mr. Trisno : “OK!! I am giving apologize for you, but don’t be repeated again.”
Elis : “OK! Bella insult if Bella will not did yesterday.”
Mr. Trisno : “Ok. You can come bad to class.”
Friends : “Thank you sir, Assalamualaikum.”
And the last Mr. Trisno can give apologize to Bella and don’t you all did like Bella, this is broken your know ledged canusefull and before that I with my group asking apologize to Mr. Trisno and my friend is there is some mistake and the last I say

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