Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Inggris Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Inggris


Once open day there is girl sit in the trotoar with bring guitar “NENGRUM” his name. Not longing, than there is a girl through, she is friend Nengrum.
Nengrum : (Pile up)
Artika : “Rum, why you here, are you not school?
Nengrum : “Not ….!”
Artika : “Lho, now there is examination?”
Nengrum : “Yes, I no but I still busy.”
Artika : “What busy?”
Nengrum : “You without no.”
Red lamp finish clear. Transportasi finish stop. Nengrum approach several transportasi of there is in the street. (with sing)
Nengrum : “I excuse me!” (singing)
P. Ulum : “This is younger.”
Nengrum : “Thanks pak.”
(Artika approach Nengrum)
Artika : “Rum, what are you doing?”
Rom : “Like you see me.”
Nengrum go out and not listening Artika. Arrive Artika in the school; she is history all about Nengrum with friend.
Filano : “Morning.”
Artika : “Morning.”
Filano : “Eh… this morning I not see Nengrum, where she is?”
Artika : “Oh …! Yes…! I no, just no I see she is work carner.”
Filano : “What carner?”
Artika : “See Amen.”
Filano : “What! See Amen. Why?”
Artika : “She is hasn’t money for school.”
Filano : “Oh… like that.”
P. Rohman : “Ehem … ehem … Morning children, what do you say??”
Filano : “Nengrum.”
P. Rohman : “What happen with Nengrum?”
Artika : “She is not school.”
P. Rohman : “Lho… why…??”
Filano : “She is hasn’t money for school.”
P. Rohman : “W hat!!!”
In tomorrow day, when Nengrum came back to work in the red lamp. She meet come back Ulum PENICILIN SUCCES.
Nengrum : “( tok .. tok .. tok ..)
I excuse me (with sing)
Ulum : “Lho … this is young yesterday?”
Nengrum : “Oh.. This is father yesterday?”
Ulum : “Yes of course.”
Ulum : “Sister not school.”
Nengrum : “Oh ... I not school.”
Ulum : “why??”
Nengrum : “I am have not money to school.”
Ulum : “(saylend and think)
“Sister how if you follow me?”
Nengrum : “No, I am not thanks.”
Ulum : “Up to you and this is I have name card. If you need me please come or call me.”
Nengrum : “Thanks mr.”
Ulum : “You are welcome.”
Nengrum : “Be careful mr? Good bye.”
Than Nengrum walk in the trotoar and sit and see name card give Mr. Ulum in the street PENICILIN SUCCES.
P. Rohman : “Rum … Why you here?”
Nengrum : “Oh.. I never mind.”
P. Rohman : “What do you think?”
Nengrum : “I am not think.”
P. Rohman : “Not I no you lie me. Please you hone rest with me.”
Nengrum : “Yes, Mr. I will history with you. I want to come back play with my friends in the school, but how I haven’t money.”
P. Rohman : “I am so sorry I can’t help you. Please you patient.”
Nengrum : “Mr. just no, there is someone give me name card, he is want me follow his.”
P. Rohman : “What is name?”
Nengrum : “Mr. Ulum.”
P. Rohman : “Yes, never mind please you to accept.”
Nengrum still confused with opinion P. Rohman and Nengrum ask to Artika and Filano.
Nengrum : “Good afternoon.”
A and F : “Good afternoon.”
Nengrum : “I am very confused.”
Artika : “Why??”
Nengrum : “About, name card.”
Artika : “Who name card?”
Nengrum : “Mr. Ulum.”
Artika : “What for?”
Nengrum : “He is want to me become, him child.”
Filano : “What become you children!”
Nengrum : “Yes, but I don’t want.”
Filano : “And whay not you receiving.”
Nengrum : “I do no.”
In tomorrow day after see amen. Nengrum think about name card. And she is receiving and go to Mr. Ulum house.
Nengrum : “Assalamualaikum.”
Mr. Ulum : “Waalaikum salam.”
Mr. Ulum : “Oh… Nengrum. How you receiving?”
Nengrum : “Yes, sure Mr.”
Mr. Ulum : “Okey, I will happy for you, and I will your school until long.”
Nengrum : “Thanks Mr. for all.”
Mr. Ulum : “You are welcome.”
The last Nengrum can school. Until long and happy forever, and go on can become PENICILIN SUCCES.

Name Club:
Niswatin K.  Nengrum
Dian Artika P.  Artika
Fahmie Filano  Filano
Khabibur R.  Rahman
Bahrul Ulum  Ulum

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