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True Blood Show Online

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Do you like soap operas? Are you a vampire fanatic? If you love both and you are looking for an intriguing and well rounded TV show I recommend you try the true blood series on HBO. The series is based on the awesome vampire novels by Charlaine Harris. Her books were written about a young waitress in Louisiana named Sookie Stackhouse who just happens to be psychic.Sookie has the ability to read minds but finds it quite troublesome to always know what people around her are thinking. One day a vampire named Bill comes into her bar and she is intrigued by the fact that she cannot read his mind. They end up forming a relationship that eventually ends up changing Sookie's life and the life of everyone she knows.

True blood is about the relationship between Sookie and Bill but it's also about the amazing supporting characters and how their lives play out in the series. Each episode is almost like a mini-movie filled with drama, angst and glimpses of the fascinating back story that ties them all together. I missed the show when it first aired but I was able to watch the entire first season online. Since I am a huge fan of the novels I was a little wary of how effective HBO would be at translating it to the small screen. Surprisingly I think they did an excellent job. Anna Paquin makes a great Sookie and all of the supporting characters in the show are surprisingly good. True blood does a great job of relating the morbid, dark and sexy world of vampires to the viewers.

Right now the true blood series is in the middle of season three. However, if you are just starting out you should watch both season 1 and season 2. Luckily there are many places on the Internet where you can watch full episodes of true blood without any hassle. There are plenty of places that offer true blood online with comprehensive episode guides, movie clips and even streaming versions of the theme song from the TV series. Make sure you have the proper requirements and any required software, like a movie player, so you get the full benefit of watching the show online. I guarantee you will be glad you did.

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