TripleClicks Logo is an online store that SFI was launched on 5 January 2009. online store is a masterpiece that perfectly integrates with existing systems in the SFI. And this has opened the potential for unlimited income for the SFI Affiliate. More than 10,000 products sold and new products are added every day.

From, you will find products from various categories, including the: clothing; books; business; computer; electronic; food & beverage; gifts & flowers; health; home & garden equipment; jewelry; magazine; movies, music & games; personal care; pet care; sports & outdoor activities; equipment & automotive equipment; toys, children equipment & baby; entertainment; family; fashion & lifestyle, etc..

Every day, homepage offers different products to be given a discount. The program is named "Deal of the Day". Usually the number of items are discounted at a limited number, so who's fast, he can. And usually the goods discount is only available on that day only and not available on other days.
To drive buyers to and earn commissions from purchases from customers that you direct, you can simply use the promotional tools found on the SFI website you Afiiliate Center on Aids Referral Standard pages. One is to use the gateway (for example the gateway link my TC:

Sometimes there is the question, whether the customer is directed to will automatically become SFI Affiliate. So the answer is no. limited only as an online store from SFI. To sponsor a new Affiliate, then you need to make sure to direct them through your SFI gateway or Click here for registration..

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