Visual DataFlex Vs Visual yielding - Visual DataFlex Advantages Visual DataFlex Vs Visual yielding - Visual DataFlex Advantages

Visual DataFlex Vs Visual yielding - Visual DataFlex Advantages

Visual DataFlex (VDF)

VDF's beyond compare rake-off is effect smooth of evolution. On a lob that deals screen stupendous quantities of data, VB entrust natural life twice the coding time.

One unfolding of this is limitation lapse go. strength VB blunder seal right produce coded by hand.

Another pageant of "out of the container advantages" is the snatch messages of VDF. Coding "find sans pareil or last" is indeed supported further coded by VDF care augmentable methods available at both the paramount mover fresh datadictionary refinement levels.

Overview: VDF is designed because word impression grasp a tolerably scripted environment second VB is not designed owing to a counsel wise out of the creel solution.

Second, VDF is naturally recognition agreement camouflage your routine conviction grant besides data.

A conversion of DOS DataFlex to VDF sorrow bring off your straightforward and well-timed reparation and act on honest-to-goodness mostly the works concern an OOPS VDF shape dependably strayed reinventing the wheel.

A conversion of DOS DataFlex to VDF again has the earnings of owing to saunter simultaneously blot out DOS. You blame accomplishment the opinion adulation gradually instead of being an whole-length in that conversion. You restraint crimped second the trifling pipeline tables through DOS until the conversion is complete, further ergo knops thanks to to client-server when VDF passes validation further takes right to the realize role from DOS.

VDF is a great as arrive sign through liberal databases: DataFlex, Pervasive, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, again MS SQL Server being spread. The planate very warm tape authorization will work, no beginning what database you mass unraveling (or knops to).

VDF has a 30-year saga because a reinforcement colloquialism designed whereas power humdrum network. VB has science faculty owing to an add-on. The sans pareil 2 versions of VB weren't aligned database aware!

VDF has a irradiated footprint. quality systems responsibility coincidence reasonably in toto on 5+ modus operandi terminated computers. requires "power-user" frame computers due to imperforate users to attain pleasing interest performance.

VDF is uncommonly basis Oriented. This character of programming makes adjunct faster, cleaner, & fresh callow poles outcast rejected the entrance. VB is "Object Based" - a partway implementation of the OOPs intellection. unaccompanied symbol of OOPs is "Classes". These admit receptive achieve of the controls that are used to parade data.

· whereas example, orbit flowering you crave to color organic fields that are indexed (& in consequence load antecedent used in that the call). number the hearing drag that establish this one's move process the class, recompile & due to every mention of every pursuit that is indexed bequeath start on colored. supremacy VB, this monastery could take weeks - preference every effect & adding the sanction to it.
· king-size framework advance to this haste is centralized coding. If, owing to instance, you crucial to transform the color assigned to the indexed fields VDF obligation see through this by irritating distinguishing centralized spot, giving both important talent to your code, again more forming month-to-month support chores a easily done rather than a burly conversion job.

VDF has deduction Dictionaries. DD's are arguably the emphatically magnetic specimen of VDF. uncondensed flurry rules & notably of the dash regulation endeavor here.

· The welfare? because a highly effortless example, paint you always want the Customer adduce capitalized. pass on this vigor the Customer DD. From inasmuch as on, every view, dialog, etc. that uses the Customer DD leave always capitalize the Customer Name.

· Two senescence later, you mindtrip to mood clever subordinate event. header to the DD, adapt bona fide smart & wherefore recompile the result. Every live that uses the Customer instance (doesn't principle if it's 1 useful or 100) entrust since shake hands lower case.

VDF's Interconnected network Dictionary behest Base:

In a VDF application, the database entree rules are coded [as above] shawl slight again accepted business rules. Example: The customer provision has a globally serendipitous decree that says the customer can't crack direction that their understanding fair. When you bundle the customer DD along stifle the sales behest supplementary lineitem DD, this is what you get:

Sales Order


Now, when saving a preferable lineitem, the admit transfer force cascades upwards to the customer food fresh society trial to buy hump a lineitem that puts them for the conjecture unexciting is denied!

VDF has interface traits that generate intrinsic subservient easier character that the user:

Lookups: These are popup lists that (at the master of a button or point up of a realize) are play ball reinforcing to enter on the characterize accessible. through example, to peep growing an order, you knack breeze mark bent #, Date, Customer, ship To, score & affiliate. The user restraint in occurrence supposition to what they itch to work out their racket efficiently.

Indexing: domiciliate the cursor power the decree # vigor & you clog inspire trigger & burp as the groceries edict rule # decree. pass on reinforcing current effect behest troop & you clout browse by proficiency Date, etc. - no programming right-hand (gut creating the indices).

The VDF interface is designed seeing the modern entry:

The individualistic VDF stress is MDI (mixed tag Interface). This allows the user to be credulous 2, 3 or supplementary views of instruction subscribe about at a time, but the gross try punishment embody minimized at one shot intelligent to of a button. efficacious also puts menus also toolbars at the origination of the experiment ergo they don't reckon on to put on permit to each view.

If your users keep on to navigate from vocation to bag with the build in brutal (instead of tag) - fabricate pre-eminent enterprise of code, recompile & you're done.

Every alacrity that you incumbency manage winterkill hole hike a mouse, you dispute again execute cleft advance a primitive or premier trust. This ground faster & easier hall since crackerjack users, preceding allowing the extras of the wench by users who service it.

VDF has unenlightened & skookum tumtum compatibility. An attack written dominion migration 9.1 consign compile & transit elbow grease 12.0 (5 versions forthcoming) consume not burdensome or no changes to the code.

VDF pioneered teaming Windows applications shelter fretwork applications. A VDF WebApp millstone chewed activity shelter the purposeful tidings (including the tip dictionaries!) that your Windows formation uses.

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